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Dummy4j is an easy to use dummy data generator library for Java, designed for extensibility.

Dummy4j can be used in all projects using Java 8+.


Getting started

Add the following dependency to your pom.xml:

<!-- -->

Now you can start using Dummy4j:

Dummy4j dummy = new Dummy4j();

String randomCountry = dummy.nation().country();

The default configuration of Dummy4j uses a file-based definition provider which reads data definitions from .yml files inside the resources/dummy4j folder. The default locale is en.

Out-of-the-box dummies

While you can easily add your own dummy data definitions, the following are available out of the box:

API stability notice

While you are encouraged to start using it now, beware that the API of every version before 1.0.0 is considered less stable than it will be after hitting that milestone - versions 0.X.X are intended to fine-tune the API for general usability (with your input).

The API of 0.X.X is not expected to change substantially, however it is still important to be aware of this.